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Intermediate (mid-term) evaluation

Quite often the organisation which sponsors a project, or the university or research institution which hosts the project, or the researchers themselves, or yet other stakeholders, plan an evaluation to be performed after a certain period of implementation, but still before the research is completed. An intermediate evaluation, at times called a "mid-term" evaluation, will therefore possess elements of both ex ante and ex post evaluations. But there will always be an explicit operational dimension, inasmuch as the main objective of such intermediate procedure is to see "Where we are?" and "Are there things that should be changed, or the project needs to be re-oriented, or even are additional resources may be necessary?".

If a specific guide is intended to be written for that purpose, its authors will have to build themselves an ad-hoc tool, taking such aspects into consideration, and adapted to their situation. The annexes in the present Guidelines may be of assistance to the specific guide's authors.

Let us remind that in most cases the guide may be a simple questionnaire with a few instructions about how to fill it.